Design 2 Energy audit

The purpose of the energy audit is to identify how energy is used in a building, to find all sources of heat loss and to develop solutions to reduce them.

Design 3 City planning documents

– Masterplans for settlements;
– Detailed area plans;
– Historical-urban design rationale.

Design 4 City planning estimates

A city planning estimate is the estimation of the maximum permissible construction parameters, conditions of combining the architectural planning and 3D spatial solution, maintenance system, engineering communications, transport service and public amenities with the existing built up area meeting the requirements of the valid regulations.

Design 5 Design of Buildings and Premises

– Pre-project proposals (PP);
– Provisional design (PD);
– Feasibility Study (FS);
– Project Design (Stage PD);
– Detailed design (DD stage);
– Detailed design documents (DDD);

Design 6 Research and design documents for cultural heritage facilities

Our team of expert carries out a range of professional level activities on making research and design documents to perform the works on preserving cultural heritage facilities (conservation, restoration, rehabilitation, repairs and adaptation of the facilities for the modern convenient use).

Design 7 Special project design sections

– Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
– Fire Protection
– Occupational safety
– Energy efficiency
– Identification of critical construction infrastructure
– Construction master plan

Design 8 Development of estimate documents

VS Project LLC will professionally develop estimate documents for you, including those for new buildings, premises to be reconstructed, re-planned, overhauled and routinely repaired. The estimate is a compulsory part of the project design solution, determining the total costs of construction materials and works. Actually this document records the total amount of investments for the […]

Design 9 We approve design documents. Due diligence

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Design 10 On-site construction supervision

The design of buildings and structures of any type is the stage from where the construction or restoration of the object begins. The success of the subsequent construction largely depends on the quality level of the finished project. An additional solution that increases the reliability of the planned work is the architectural supervision. Architectural supervision […]